Pelvic Floor Therapy Concept

Combines use of a clinical system and software for comprehensive assessment and therapy in the clinic including a sophisticated interactive home trainer devices developed to assure maximum effectiveness and superior patient motivation.



The FemiScan System

Computer Electromyography EMG measurement of the pelvic muscle in the medical office


Home training with the FemiScan home trainer

At the medical office

 The computer FemiScan software is used to perform EMG Electromigraphy measure capture and analyze the pelvic floor muscle activity.

The FemiScan home trainer is programmed with the subsequent training program adapted to patient personal pelvic floor muscle tone

FemiScan home trainer contains                                                                                                              



Sterile, single patient use cover


The FemiScan home trainer for home training

The home trainer allows the patient's to hear instructions and provides feedback through the headset. During each home training session it also collects and saves the EMG activity separate for the left and right muscle of the sessions practiced. The data is available to be evaluated during the medical office visit

FemiScan treatment

There are 8 consecutive predetermined programs in the treatment protocol. The training sessions at home start with 1 minute and increase up to 7 minutes and are repeated twice a day. The programs not only change in the duration but also change in the contraction duration for strengthening the two types of fiber muscle to strength the muscle tone , increase speed, force and endurance